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In the most unlikely of places in the town of Lawrence, Ks lies a golden gem for fans of classic New Mexican style taquieras.  The Taco Zone is humbly located in the corner of the Replay Lounge, an alternative bar located off Mass and 8th street.  The food is simply spectacular.  Slowly braised for hours, they offer traditional proteins like Chile Rojo Beef and Yucutan Pork that detonate on the palatte with exciting, complex, well-layered flavors.  Those suffering from mental disorders which prevent the consumption of meat will find that the vegetarian menu is exceptionally well crafted and offers meatless tacos which are extroardinarly palatable and have clearly had the same care and expert attention given to them as any of the other menu items they offer.

The ambience suffers greatly due to the bar atmosphere and the Taco Zone operates during bar hours which require a cover just to get to the ordering counter.  Tacos are served on flimsy paper plates and there are often no places to sit and eat unless you show up earlier than the crowds.  This is a minor and forgiveable atrocity as the Taco Zone consistently delivers food which  would easily justify a white table cloth and a bill twice as heavy on the pocket.

Service is excellent and kitchen processes have been streamlined down to a one man show.  They now accept credit and debit cards and prices are incredible given the quality and taste of the tacos they are peddling.  Patrons can expect to be full for under 10 bucks a head and as of this writing 6 bones will get you three tacos of your choice from a weekly rotating menu of 3 meat and 1 vegetarian receipes, a small portion of spicy pickled vegetables and a small compliment of a house made smoked habanero chile sauce which will significantly kick up the heat quotient on anything it touches, including human eyeballs so watch the fingers.

The Taco Zone rates 4 out of 5 tastebuds for delivering incredible tacos which double as $6 dollar plane tickets to the best taquieras in the heart of Alberquerque.  This is a must try for anyone who enjoys chile spice and the vegetarian menu provides an actual option for diners which isn’t just a second thought to appease picky eaters.  The Taco Zone will have trouble attracting diners who don’t want to push through a sea of bar-goers, but the food is so good its easy to envision the future opening of a permanent location which can offer more seating and an overall more enjoyable dining experience.  -KC


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